Fig. Consensus tree of the dog family based on isozyme genetic distance (Wayne and O' Brien 1987).This consensus is based on the topologies of UPGMA and distance -Wagner trees calculated by the BIOSYS-1 program of Swofford and Selander.The "strict method" algorithm (Rolph 1982 ) contained in the PAUP program, version 2,4 by D.L.Swofford was used to generate the consensus tree.Time scale equivalence was determined by assuming that Canid davisii was the common ancestor of the wolflike canids and the South American canids ( Berta 1984).Since this extinct species appeared approximately 7 M.Y.B.P., 0.1 genetic distance unit = 2.5 million years. Scientific names are given in the text.

* Robert K. Waine et. a